The next big school thing

Long school stuff.  Enjoy.

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I’m having trouble getting into the awesome study habits I had last fall when I took regular A&P and Medical Terminology.  I’m hoping a little bit of artistic note taking will inspire me.  So far I’m mentally stunted.

End of chapter

Monday is my final day of class for this semester.  There’s no test, no work, no studying, and no stress.  My only “homework” for Monday’s class is to bring in two or three bags of chips for our party.  

Is it strange to have a party in a college class?

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Focus on the positive

In spite of my annoyance with this stupid dumb paper, it’s really a non-issue in the end.  At worst, I’ll get a C in the class.  Normally that kind of shit would annoy me to no end, but quite honestly, it really means nothing.  The class in no way affects my Cardiovascular program.  It’s time to focus heavily on that.  Now that I’m going back into classes that have meaning, I think I’ll be able to concentrate better.  Last time I was in a meaningful class, I busted my ass studying and putting forth the effort and it paid off big with a near perfect grade.  It meant something to me.  It was important.  This stuff coming up is on that same level.

So, I’m looking at my summer schedule to get an idea of what’s going on.  Here’s what I’ve got to look forward to: 

  • Cardiopulmonary Patient Care
  • Cardiovascular Anatomy
  • Electrocardiography
  • Ultrasound Physics

The only thing that almost sort of kind of maybe potentially concerns me is Ultrasound Physics. I work in a hospital already, so the Patient Care stuff seems pretty self explanitory.  My job is doing EKGs, so I’ve got Electrocardiography down pat.  I did extremely well in Human Anatomy and Physiology, so I’m hoping that transfers well into Cardiovascular Anatomy.  The Ultrasound Physics is the only wild card.  I’m not quite sure what to expect from it.  Still, I’m looking forward to all of this.  I’ve been brushing up on my anatomy notes, paying close attention to the Cardiovascular portions.  I resisted the temptation to get quick money and kept the book (smart move on my part), so it’s just a matter of getting my head back into that mindset. 

I’m less than a month away from starting on the path towards a huge life goal.  It’s exciting.

I should probably start studying now

I’ve been accepted into the Cardiovascular program at school.  I did a quick look at the courses that will be coming up, and one of the first that I will be dealing with is Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology.  I have until May to brush up on my A&P stuff and get my head back into that mindset.  I’m really stoked to get started.

My brain hurts