My brain is full of explode

I passed my registry.  I did it.  No more stress, no more studying, and no more frustration.  All I need to make this complete is to graduate in four weeks.  

I fucking did it.

The final(ish) countdown

long-y, rant-y, thing-y

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No bitching or complaining, just a bunch of different random brain things.

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I think i’m getting dumberer

This is a words post.  Lost of them words.

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Hope I don’t jinx myself

This is the post where my rapidly approaching goals begin to scare me, for those who are into the whole tl;dr thing.   

Words, in bunches, lots and lots.

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I have it.

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The only advice I can offer

College is about to start for a lot of people here on tumblr, if it hasn’t started already.  I’ve done it wrong as many times as I’ve done it right.  Please consider this advice as you proceed through your college career.  I’ve learned many of these things the hard way.

  • If you have to take a class that you know you’re going to struggle in, take it at night.  Generally, the students in night classes are older and there after work.  They aren’t there to fuck around or be a distraction.  The teacher will likely understand this.  The teaching tends to be at a slightly different pace to accommodate people who’ve been out of college for many years, so the concepts are generally taught in a way to help them absorb and retain the the knowledge and succeed.  They are also (usually) devoid of the distractions and drama of people fresh out of high school.
  • Know when a study group is beneficial and when it’s hurting you.  Having the input of other people to show you different ways to approach the material is incredibly valuable.  Listening to multiple people try to describe something that have a very vague grasp on is incredibly destructive.  If you leave a study group with less understanding than before you started studying, get away from them as soon as possible.
  • A teacher is there to help you to succeed.  Talking to them after class to clarify information that you did not understand is in no way a shameful thing.  Your understanding of the material is a key to your future success.  If a teacher makes you feel stupid for asking a question you don’t understand, switch teachers.  This is college.  You are paying for this stuff.  Which brings me to the next point:
  • Do not be afraid to switch classes for any reason.  If the style of teaching that a teacher uses does not work for you, find a teacher who fits your style.  On some more specialized classes you may not have an option.  In that case, see the previous point.  
  • ratemyprofessor is a great site, but don’t let it determine if you take a class with a teacher or not.  Read each review carefully.  Is a teacher rated highly because they let you slack through the class and still get a passing grade?  Is a teacher rated negatively because they don’t let you slack to get a passing grade?  Try to understand the motives behind each review.  One of the best teachers I had was rated low because they were “hard”.  They weren’t “hard”.  They expected you to learn, and offered more tools to pass the class than any other teacher I’ve ever had.  The material was difficult, the teacher was excellent.  I passed a difficult class because of that teacher.
  • The last piece of advice I have is the most important.  It will determine how much your degree will affect your future.  Be realistic about your expectations. Understand that your degree is no guarantee of future employment.  Try to keep a realistic view on what opportunities the degree you are pursuing will make available to you.  If you want to pursue a degree in English (for example), be aware that, outside of teaching, that degree choice may open very few doors outside of being an English teacher.  Similarly, something specialized, like a degree in Religion, is a very focused field with limited opportunities.  A degree is not a guarantee of employment.If nothing else, please remember that.  A general bachelors degree is no longer a guarantee of anything.  Keep your expectations in check.


updates of things that are mostly school related

  • I have two days left for this rotation.  I wish I didn’t have to leave.
  • Tomorrow, early early, I’m observing an open heart surgery.  I can’t wait.
  • I’ve been allowed to scrub in with a few of the doctors without my preceptor scrubbed in with me.  This is how my job will be and I get a very nice feel for it now.
  • In three weeks, I’ll be exactly half way through all of my rotations.  I’m almost done.
  • I blew off all of my projects for class until the last minute.  I should major in procrastination.

One rotation down (four to go)

School stuff.  Rotation stuff.  Probably boring stuff.

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I’m 24.2 hours shy of completing my required hours for this rotation.  If things go the same way as previous weeks, I’ll have that in two days.  If not, I’ll have it in 3.  

Rotation number 1 is all but complete.  One down, four to go.